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    All You Need (to code)
    is Angular!
    Backand, a fully loaded backend
    for Bootstrap + Angular apps,
    removes the server side hassle,
    security worries and hosting dilemmas
    so that you can focus on the app.

    Backand, a fully loaded
    backend for Angular
    apps, removes the
    server side hassle.

Make your AngularJS based admin work

Provide and run REST API over your cloud database

Bring your own Amazon RDS cloud database

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An out-of-the-box AngularJS based admin

Bring an AngularJS based admin to life with your data 
and images in just a few clicks.
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Everything runs in the cloud

Connect to any Amazon RDS database:
MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server and Oracle.
No hardware or software to deal with and Backand takes care of scalability
and availability.
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Comprehensive security and authentication

A rich set of security features including role based access, OAuth 2.0 and SocialAuth.
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Continually monitor activity and log reports

Trace all database activity, presented in a robust logging dashboard with full reporting capabilities.
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Fully customize your AngularJS admin code

Fork us on GitHub, customize the code and easily deploy it to the Backand cloud.
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Come along for the ride

Use Backand Today

It’s free, no credit card required
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